Connecting international students by promoting unforgettable educational travel experiences. Building lifelong relationships… creating an international family united by true friendship.

The educational travel experiences Belo offers helps students find a safe and welcoming environment where they can share their own cultures, their costumes, their different world views… ultimately learning that different nationalities can live in peace while respecting all cultural differences.

International students share among themselves this unique willingness to embrace the entire world and all its differences and marvels! Belo trips give them the opportunity to open new doors, gain other perspectives, help them have a better understanding of the new places and flavors they’re experiencing… prepare them to a better future, where they will be more responsible, more self aware of their role in their communities and more conscious citizens of the world.

As a company, we are fully committed to supporting local economies and minimizing our environmental impact as we travel.

We believe there’s a better world to be left for future generations that begins with each individual who become part of a Belo experience.


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