It is with great satisfaction that we’ll take you to visit the south region of Brazil!

We will start the trip in Foz do Iguaçu, in the state of Paraná, where we’ll be visiting gorgeous touristic points such as the Iguaçu National Park forest, the Falls and the Three Borders Mark (between the countries Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil). Contemplate the Iguaçu Fall;, the Itaipu Hydroelectric; get to know the Ciudad Del Este (Paraguay) and Puerto Iguazu (Argentina), its habits and culture; see one of the world’s biggest artificial lakes; free animals in the National Park and to walk around the rivers Iguaçú and Paraná are some of our activities to learn about the region of Foz do Iguaçú. In the “gaúchos” area, as the people born in Rio Grande do Sul are called, we will visit the charming cities of Canela and Gramado. In CANELA, the life quality is valorized in its minimum details.

The “canelense” is the addition of the culture from the German and the Italian immigrants with the indians and the “gaucho serrano”. The result is a population that works towards the progress without forgetting how important it is to be well with yourself and with life. The beautiful natural scenarios from the area are the proof that modernization and nature conservation can live in harmony. We will visit one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, the Parque do Caracol, where we find the Caracol Fall which is 131 meters tall.


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