Come Check Out the Wonderful City of Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro has attractions that give the city international fame. Who ever heard of the Rio carnival, the most impressive party popular in the world? Or of Sugar Loaf and the statue of The Christ Redeemer? Or the beautiful beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, which inspired musicians around the world? Moreover, the Tijuca National Park largest nature reserve in urban region of the country? Rio is all that. And more ...

The centenary city was hosted the Federal government until 1960 when Brasilia, current capital of the country, was inaugurated. Due to this concentration of power, its architectural features exhibits sumptuous and imposing buildings that hosted the nobility and the major figures of those times.

As its climate is warm and pleasant all the time, Rio does not depend on the seasons to attract visitors. Its attractions can be enjoyed at any time, always counting with the sympathy and the generosity of the “cariocas”, a special people.

With capacity, structure and great hospitality, Rio is ready to receive people from all over Brazil and the world with arms wide open!


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