Beautiful to See, Beautiful to Live !!!

Picture this: You, standing on one of the largest humid regions in the planet, surrounded by water, trees, birds, deer, capybaras, armadillos, alligators, and unique jaguars. Ready to make it happen?

First meet Pantanal, one of the last unexplored natural reserves in the world with the largest wild life reserve in the American Continent. You'll spend adventurous days in this spectacular region, a real acquaintance of man and nature. In Pantanal you'll go piranha fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, as well as alligator spotting at night! A night to remember!

On the second part of our trip, you'll understand the real meaning of the word beautiful!

Some of the exchange students and the bird Tuiuiu

Bonito is on top of the list of the best ecotourism destinations in Brazil as well as one of the most beautiful places on earth! Get ready to spend amazing days, diving and rafting in extremely clear rivers, swimming in natural aquariums, and trekking in grottos and caves!


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