A Humanity Treasure!

The Amazon is a huge combination of forests and rivers that go along nine South American countries. It is the biggest equatorial forest in the world. A place that hosts 1/5 of the sweet water in the world and the biggest variety of fauna and flora on Earth.

Most of the Amazon area, about 60%, is located in Brazilian territory, and in that space we would be able to fit fourteen countries the size of Germany or twenty countries the size of England. The Amazon includes thousands of kilometers of forests surrounded by the Amazon River which is fed by over 1000 tributaries. All this water makes the Amazon River the biggest river in the world in water volume.

In the Amazon rivers there are about 3 thousand species of fish, fifteen times more than in all the rivers from Europe together. In the animal kingdom, there are estimates ranging from 5 to 30 million different plants with diverse applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides that, the Amazon also has the biggest variety of species of birds, primates, rodents, alligators, frogs, insects and lizards in the world.


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