Amazon 8-days




Arrival in Manaus.



We will leave for our cultural tour passing by Ponta Negra neighborhood, Amazon Theater (Opera House), Justice Palace, Port of Manaus, Negro River Palace.

Lunch (not included).

02:00p.m. - Departure to Presidente Figueiredo in our special bus, traveling through the middle of the Amazon forest by the BR 174 road that connects Brazil to the Caribbean region.

04:30p.m. - Arrival in Presidente Figueiredo and check-in.

Time to change clothes for the trekking.

Departure for one more of our adventures: A trekking in the forest until the Maroaga's Refuge Cave (a place where the Indians used to hide and also a research area, because it is one of the few sand caves in Brazil where there is the albino shrimp and other albino little fish). The return will be in the evening and the walk gets even more exciting because of the nocturnal animals and insects noises of the Amazon! You need to bring a flashlight!!!

Dinner (included).

Folkloric show at the hotel.



Breakfast (included) and check out.

Visit to the Sanctuary Waterfall, where you can swim.

Departure to Manaus, going straight to the Floating Port on Negro River, where we will board one of the Amazon regional boats to begin a big adventure: a boat expedition in the Amazon Jungle on the rivers Amazonas and Negro. We will spend the night on the boat sleeping in authentic hammocks like the native indians, getting to know the soul of the forest. Fantastic!!!.

Arrival in Manaus.

Lunch served on the boat's main terrace (included).

Navigating on the south area of Negro river, we will pass by Manaus from where we`ll be able to see the old dock, the Fish Market, the simplicity of the houses of the natives that live close to the rivers and, finally, watch the Meeting of the Waters of the rivers Negro and Solimões that together form the Amazon River - a natural wonder!!!

This is where we will throw our anchor, right at this part of the Amazon River - The "River-sea"! We will live the past again at this stage of myths from the natives's imagination, where we can find the Big Snake, the Pink Dolphin, Yara - the water goddess - and where bloody battles of the white invaders left their marks on the simple Amazon people's souls and on the Indian warriors manaós.

Visit to the Janauary Ecologic Reserve.

Dinner (included).



Breakfast (included) - served on the boat’s main terrace.


Fantastic visit to an Indian tribe with time to experience the day by day of the people from the Amazon.

Lunch (included) - served on the boat’s main terrace.

Navigating the north part of the Negro River, we will find ourselves in one of those places in the Amazon where we feel enchanted: Anavilhanas Archipelago! The biggest on Earth! Unique and absolutely stunning!

On board our motorized canoes, we will float on the igarapés to go alligator night spotting.

Dinner (included) on the boat, in the heart of the jungle, under the Amazon sky!



Breakfast served on the boat's main terrace (included).

We will wake up really early to visit the Casa da Farinha where we will accompany the entire manufacturing process of flour and tapioca.

Also we will do some sportive fishing of Amazonian fish, including the famous Amazonian piranhas.

Lunch (included).

We will navigate the lakes formed in the "Acajatuba" area where we’ll visit a typical Amazon native's house.

Visit a beautiful community of "caboclos" (natives from the Amazon) - time to experience a little of the every-day-life of these people! The Amazon state has 98% of the forest preserved!!! Find out one of the most important reasons for this preservation now while visiting an authentic community of native jungle people where we will be part of unforgettable moments, getting to know in a very spontaneous way the every-day-life of these wonderful people that live in the forest.

Cultural exchange:

We will organize a social activity with the Acajatuba community.

Dinner will be served on the boat's main deck (included).



Delicious regional breakfast (included).

We will navigate until the place where you can see and swim with the Pink Dolphins of the Amazon. Unique and exciting!

Regional lunch will be served at the boat´s deck (included).

In the evening, sailing North of Negro river, we will reach our destiny to stop the boat at a paradisical region of lakes and igapós (small rivers) inhabited by beautiful and exotic birds and charming pink dolphins from Amazon.

Come on board of our motorized canoes driven by specialized captains and let the wind touch your face while the wonderful views go passing by and let you experience that feeling of complete happiness and fascination.

Dinner will be served at the main terrace (Included).

After this, a nice chat about the legends of the region, including the Pink Dolphin and the Amazonian indian tribes.



Watch the amazing sunrise.

Breakfast served on the boat's superior deck (included).

After breakfast we'll navigate down the Negro River making a stop at a wonderful "river beach" to relax and enjoy this paradise in the middle of the Amazonian forest.

Lunch on the boat (included).

Get ready: survival trekking

Prepare your backpack: water, sunscreen, hat and mosquito repellent. The expedition of the day will be with specialized jungle guides: you will get to know how to make fire, extract food from the jungle and even make the famous Indian gun "zarabatana" (blow gun)!

Dinner (included) on the boat.



Breakfast served on the boat's main terrace (included).


We will throw our canoes in the water and float into the "igapós" (flooded forest) accompanied by professional and specialized jungle guides, exploring the true and legendary "Rain forest". The planet´s biggest tropical forest! Today you can paddle Indian canoes in authentic creeks, flooded forests and lakes of rare beauty!

Explore our mini library: relax in the hammocks, read a good book.

Lunch (included).

Try to make some Indian handcraft from Amazon with our boat guides.

Dinner will be served in the boat's main deck (included).

Overnight in the forest!



Breakfast (included) on the boat.

Navigate down the Negro river until Manaus.

Lunch (included).

Dinner (included).

09:00p.m. - Arrival at the floating port of Manaus and departure.

Amazon - Day Tour



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